Monday, September 25, 2006

Halloween Horror!

My children go to an oh so politically correct school, where they are limited in their choice of costume to the point of ruining my favorite holiday.

The rules are, no blood or gore, no bare midriffs, no makeup, no masks, no weapons no matter how fake.

The bare midriff thing would be fine with me, but they don't enforce it, so every year there are several Britney wannabes traipsing around in what I call slut in training outfits.

The makeup and mask limitation cuts out even the most basic costumes, such as clowns, Frankenstein's monster, vampires, etc.

The few ideas that don't involve makeup or masks invariably get the thumbs down from my 8 going on 16 daughter.

So, do I make a hula girl/belly dancer/mermaid and make her wear a pink leotard underneath so the midriff is covered? Do I pick a costume off the 9.99 rack at Walmart and tell her to wear it or go without? Or do I just give her a sheet and a pair of scissors?

Remember when 8 year olds wore Alice in Wonderland or Snow White costumes? Apparently 8 is the new 16, and 4 is the new 8.



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